WCPFC第八屆年會延期導致太平洋兩年禁漁令需再延長三個月旨在養護及管理太平洋東、西袋狀公海內不斷減少的高度洄游魚種之中西太平洋漁業委員會(WCPFC),原訂於2011年12月5-9日於帛琉科羅召開第八屆年買房子會,因故延至2012年3月26-30日於關島舉行,迫使自2010年1月1日 通過禁止鰹鮪圍網漁船於太平洋作業長達兩年執行案需再延長三個月。WCPFC將於會中評估解除或延長2年來幾乎拖垮菲律賓鮪漁業的禁漁令。最裝潢接近菲律賓及當地鰹鮪圍網漁船作業水域的袋狀公海,跨越帛琉、密克羅尼西亞、PNG及印尼等國。( 摘譯自INFOFISH Trade News, No. 01/2012,16 Jan. 2012) TWO YEAR BAN IN THE PACIFIC EXTENDED The 租房子two-year ban on purse seine tuna fishing in the Pacific Ocean has been extended for another three months following the deferment until March of last month’s scheduled annual meeting of 票貼the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC). The eighth regular session of the Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the 借款Western and Central Pacific Ocean (or WCPFC8) was moved to March 26 -30 in Guam from its December 5-9, 2011 schedule in Koror, Palau. The postponement of the meeting also extends for 結婚西裝another three months the purse seine fishing ban in pockets of the Pacific Ocean that has practically slowed down the tuna fishing industry in the Philippines for the last two years. 澎湖民宿The WCPFC will decide on whether the ban will be extended or lifted. The WCPFC imposed a two-year fishing ban starting on January 1, 2010 in two pockets of the high seas in the western 賣房子and eastern areas to replenish the dwindling stocks of the highly migratory tuna species. Pocket one covers Palau, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, which are the areas 烤肉食材closest to the Philippines and where local purse seine tuna fishing companies operate.

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